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Unique Combination Bedding System

Unique Combination Bedding System

Use Bed-Down Excel and Absorb Bedding as individual products or together to create a unique combination bedding system.

Excel provides a soft, warm, durable bed that cushions and supports, encouraging your horse to take the essential rest he or she needs. Excel contains a pleasant lemon fragrance to act as an unappetiser and to help keep the stable smelling fresh. Its free draining properties allows urine to move away from the surface of the bed, keeping the top layer of Excel dry. By laying the new, revolutionary Absorb underneath the Excel in areas where your horse regularly urinates means the ultra-absorbent properties of Absorb for both urine and ammonia massively reduces the wet and ammonia levels in the stable, safeguarding your horse’s health. Excel together with Absorb produce the ultimate combination bedding for horse and owner.

The benefits of using Bed-Down’s Unique Combination bedding:

  • Saves a huge amount of time mucking out. It is not necessary to muck out the wet every day which can be left for several days, depending on your horse
  • Saves money as only droppings need mucking out everyday until you take out the wet
  • Increases ammonia absorbency by up to 260%
  • Healthier environment for the horse & owner
  • Absorbs up to 400% liquid
  • Reduces muck heap
  • Aids hoof health when used with Bed-Down Excel Plus with added Microcote

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