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Pure Shavings Bedding

Pure Shavings Bedding

Bed-Down Pure Shavings horse bedding is manufactured from top quality white softwood shavings.  Softwood shavings are excellent for absorbing and make a comfortable and attractive bed for your horse.  Pure Shavings also have a pleasant natural fragrance which will help to keep the stable fresh.

Bed-Down Pure Shavings undergo our EASY BREATHE™ dust extraction process to safeguard your horse’s respiratory health.  This process makes them clean and very consistent so bale after bale you can be sure that Bed-Down Pure Shavings always contains clean, soft and absorbent shavings which offer great value.  Bed-Down Pure Shavings are also naturally unpalatable making them suitable for horses on a restricted diet.

Shavings are a by product of the wood mill industry and will degrade in 4-8 months.  As they are very absorbent waste is kept to a minimum making your muck heap smaller.

Bed-Down Pure Shavings is also great for poultry and game birds

How to use Pure Shavings.
Bed-Down Pure Shavings can be used with rubber matting or conventional stable flooring.  They can be mixed in with some other bedding products however the full benefits of using Pure Shavings will not be experienced until all the old bedding has gone.  Pure Shavings should be added to the existing bedding by putting it to the outside of the bed and gradually moving the existing bedding into the centre as more Pure Shavings are added.  Keep adding Pure Shavings to the outside of the bed until all the old bedding has been removed.  Pure Shavings can be mucked out fully daily but for the most economical results follow below:

To Start – use approximately 6 bales (12 x 12 stable) to start the bed.  This will make a deep and comfortable bed.

Daily – Remove droppings on a daily basis and tidy bed.

Weekly – Remove the wet patch and top up the bed with fresh Pure Shavings.  You can easily split a bale of Pure Shavings in half by following the instructions on the packaging.

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