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Crumble Down Bedding

Crumble Down Bedding

Bed-Down Crumble Down is manufactured from softwood and finely chopped straw compressed into pellets. Crumble Down undergoes our unique EASY BREATHE™ multiple dust extraction process to safeguard the health of your chickens, ducks geese, turkeys and game birds.

Bed-Down Crumble Down Benefits
Bed-Down Crumble Down is clean, economical and easy to use as well as being biodegradable.

Bed-Down Crumble Down draws moisture and dirt away from the surface of the litter resulting in much cleaner eggs.

The natural properties of Bed-Down Crumble Down discourages mites and significantly reduces ammonia by up to 60% compared to standard woodshavings. Our heat treatment process also virtually eliminates moulds, spores and bacteria creating a healthy fresh living environment in the coop and nest boxes.

Environmentally Friendly
Bed-Down Crumble Down is eco-friendly and biodegradable and makes a good quality fertiliser for your garden.

handswithcrumHow to use Bed-Down Crumble Down
1 x 30 litre bag of Crumble Down will cover approximately 1.5m sq (16 ft sq). Spread an even layer over the coop floor. Sprinkle the pellet surface, using a watering can with a “rose” attachment to activate expansion of the pellets. Leave the litter for 20 minutes while the pellets absorb the water. Remaining whole pellets will naturally breakdown to a soft bed. Using a scoop, remove solids and any wet patches regularly, topping up with crumbledown as necessary. Empty and clean out coop as required.

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