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A revolutionary new product produced by our innovative team, Bed-Down Absorb is ultra absorbent for both urine and ammonia, massively reducing ammonia levels in the stable to safeguard your horse’s health.

Virtually dust free, Bed-Down Absorb, wood and straw pellets, is great to use with rubber matting, on its own or as a litter base under straw, shavings or other Bed-Down bedding products to improve performance and absorbency, saving you precious time and money.  Bed-Down Absorb increases in volume during use soaking up the wet so making daily mucking out unnecessary while its natural ammonia deodorising properties keep the stable smelling fresh. The addition of an anti-bacterial agent also helps to keep the stable fresh and hygienic.

Bed-Down Absorb is economical to use and as waste is kept to a minimum muck heaps are smaller, easier to manage and cheaper to remove.  When rotted down Bed-Down Absorb makes a good quality fertiliser for your garden.

How to use with rubber mats or on its own
For an average 12’ x 12’ (4m x 4m) stable you will need approximately 6 bags of Bed-Down Absorb.  Spread an even layer over the stable floor or rubber matting.  Sprinkle the pellets with approximately 2 litres of water per bag using a watering can with a “rose” attachment.  Do not over water. However, watering is optional. A lot of Absorb users prefer to use the pellets dry as it is much quicker to lay the bed and begin the absorption process compared with other pelleted products which need wetting because they have a hard outer shell which impedes moisture uptake. If you have any comments on whether you prefer to wet the pellets or not please let us know.

Using a fork with narrow tines remove droppings and wet patches regularly bringing in dry bedding from the outer edges of the stable.   Top up with Bed-Down Absorb by adding the new bedding to the outside edges of the stable, this will help to keep the bedding fresh.

During periods of very dry weather it may be necessary to sprinkle the bed with fresh water to prevent the pellets from drying out.

How to use as a deep litter base
Bed-Down Absorb can be used as a base for other bedding by either covering the whole stable floor or the section where excessive wetness occurs.

Sprinkle the pellets with approximately 2 litres of water per bag using a watering can with a “rose” attachment.  Do not over water.

Leave the bed for 20 minutes while the pellets absorb the water.  Any remaining whole pellets will break down when the horse soils the bed.  Add the additional bedding on the top of the Bed-Down Absorb.

Remove droppings regularly and top up the additional bedding as required.  Do not disturb

the Bed-Down Absorb base until it becomes saturated.  Take back the additional bedding to uncover the Bed-Down Absorb base and then remove the saturated base and top up with fresh Bed-Down Absorb.

How is use in our Unique Combination Bedding System


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